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Top cash for your junk cars! We offer free vehicle removal & recycle vehicles. Get up to $15,000 for your old, unwanted car, trucks, van. 0421657675

Welcome to Scraply! We are a car removal company that aims to remove junk, old, unwanted vehicles from your doorstep and offering top cash for them up to $15,000.

Since 2013, we’ve been removing and recycling vehicles, and that’s how our experience gives us expertise to handle all types of vehicles regardless of their condition. Now our services are available throughout Australia, including 6 states and 86 cities.

Selling an unwanted old car can be a frustrating task, and it becomes even more challenging to find a buyer who can fulfill all your requirements. But worry not, we take pride in offering our services widely, freely, and easily to everyone. Additionally, we’re glad to share that we were awarded the title of BEST CAR RECYCLING COMPANY in 2017.

It ensures that you’re dealing with the company that’s contributing to making our surrounding cleaner and greener!

Our FREE VALUATION TOOL – To Get Fastest Cash For Scrap Car!

“Save your time with our fastest car valuation tool in Just 5 seconds!”

Here comes the beauty of our business, that is our FREE VALUATION TOOL. It works easily and quickly in just a matter of 5 seconds.

Selling a vehicle can be a time-consuming and complicated process, which can make it challenging for car owners. Additionally, many car owners may not be aware of the true value of their vehicles, leading them to receive less than they might deserve when selling their beloved cars.

At Scraply, we value your time and efforts, which is why we aim to offer you the fastest way to complete the entire selling process, and it starts with our free car valuation tool. Whether you want to get scrap car removal service, sell a car or just want to know your car’s actual worth, it works for everyone.

Our valuation tool is currently available for our assistance team, you can get a fair estimate of your vehicle in less than a minute by giving us a call. Soon our advanced tool will be activated for our customers too. It will even evaluate salvage, damaged, junk vehicles within 5 seconds. The good news, our tool will be completely FREE for you.

Cash For Junk Car – In JUST #3 Steps 

Without any delay you can count on us anytime to get our junk car removal or other service. To sell your car to us, you only need to provide us with the proof of ownership. We are ready to get started, here’s how our process works:- 

STEP 1 - Provide us with your vehicle’s basic details.
It can be done in two ways- Give us a call or Fill out our online free Quote Form. Provide us your vehicle’s details including make, model, condition and year.
STEP 2- Get An Offer
Our team will make an offer, once you’re happy with that. Next, we’ll arrange a pickup at your convenient time and location.
STEP 3- Free Pickup & Instant Payment
Our tow team will come to your doorstep, will remove your vehicle and give you instant payment on your preferred payment method and complete on the spot paperwork.

Our Services – All Over Cash For Unwanted Cars

Scraply have major two types of services – Cash For Cars and Car Removal. Usually these services work similarly.


You don’t need to tow your car to us; at our company, we provide free car removal services to all types of vehicle no matter the make, model, types or condition. We’re a team of professionals who take responsibility to provide customers with the convenient and comfortable service, and by keeping this mindset we are offering on the spot free car pickup Australia wide. For years, we’re removing thousands of cars including non-working or working both. 

Remember – we never ask for any towing fees or you to arrange for the towing of your vehicle.

To ensure the hassle-free and smooth car removal, you can also check your vehicle current registration status through a Rego Check.


We believe each vehicle has its value even at the last stage of its life, that’s the reason we pay the deserving amount for your vehicle that’s up to $15,000. However, the price will fluctuate based on the vehicle’s details, condition, market value etc. But, you don’t worry, we ensure to offer the best possible cash for car, whether scrap, unwanted, damaged, old, accidental or unregistered. 

We allow our customer’s to take their time to make decision of selling a car even if it’s more than a week or month. However, the offer you may receive will be completely depends on the current market value. 

We pay cash for any condition cars:

A Special Scraply Perk: Extra Cash for Students and Seniors

Scraply has a unique way of giving back to students and senior citizens. We offer them an extra 10% cash for their unused vehicles. Our aim is to give everyone a good bargain while helping the community.

Our Services are AUSTRALIA – WIDE

The exciting news, we are an Australia Wide car buyers! Scraply make each possible way to remove vehicle from your location within average pickup time of 2-3 hours. 

We’re headquartered in Sydney, so most of our customers use our cash for cars Sydney service. However now, we’re available Perth, Canberra, Brisbane and across the country!

Our extensive networks of over 500 towing trucks available in most cities of Australia, here are the 9 popular cities from where we remove most cars:- 

cash for cars sydney

Our team reached Sydney for the most time to removed junk and unwanted cars, and that’s why Sydney is one of the popular city where we get our most clients. 

Cash For Cars Perth

Perth is another popular city from where we get most car removal queries and customers.

Cash For Cars Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has been in our popular city list from the starting, as our team at Gold Coast have built the trusted authority around people, so without taking any time to make decision of selling car they choose us.

Cash For Cars Melbourne

Most tow trucks are available in Melbourne city due to the removal of vehicles. In this city, we provide over tons of Quotes on a daily basis. 

Cash For Cars hobart

Hobart is our next trendy location, we are easily accessible in Hobart city. So, you can be rest assured while choosing us. 

Cash For Cars Darwin

In recent months, we started getting the majority of queries from Darwin City of Australia, that makes it one of the trending cities in our list. Our towing process may take a bit longer to reach Darwin city compared to some others, but we’re still available.

Cash For Cars Canberra

Our cash for cars services is well-known in Canberra city. As we’re serving in this city for more than 8 years.

cash for cars Brisbane

In Brisbane, we get more than 5-6 queries for the free car removal service each day. 

cash for cars Adelaide

Lastly, Adelaide is part of our highlight locations, where we have already started to provide our diverse car removal services. 

Download Our Free Car Selling Checklist

Making room for something new? Our unwanted car removal checklist will keep you organized and help you make the most of this exciting change.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Hudson James has been with Scraply since 2015. He loves cars and cares about the environment. As a kid, he liked fixing cars with his dad. Later, he saw a car get wrecked and left on the street, which made him think about how to use old cars better. At Scraply, he helps people easily get rid of their old cars and make sure they’re recycled. Hudson believes every old car should have a new life. He’s happy to make the world better, one car at a time.

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