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Get $15,000 Cash for Junk cars, Scrap cars or old cars. We offer fast and free car removal services in Australia wide.

Scraply is your all-in-one solution for turning your damaged or junk cars into cash! No matter where you are in Australia, we’re here to tow away your vehicle free of charge. Additionally, you can find your car’s worth in just 5 seconds with our AI valuation tool, and you’re only 3 steps away from selling your car. It’s quick, easy, and convenient with Us!

Get Top Cash for Cars: $15,000 Instantly in Your Hands!

If you’re looking to sell your car and get some profit? Then Good News, here comes Scraply, the fastest scrap car removal service that pays cash for cars up to $15,000 in your preferred payment method. 

If you have junk car then remember having junk cars sitting in your backyard and gathering rust only create negative impacts for the environment and your property, as leaving old cars in your yard for a long time can go against the rules and regulations set by the local government which can lead fines and penalties. Additionally, it can lower your property’s value and create an eyesore.

Removing them should be your top priority, although it’s not an easy task. This is why Scraply is dedicated to buying your car in a way that’s profitable for you and the environment. We offer fair prices, even for non-running and end-of-life vehicles, because we believe every car holds value, regardless of its condition. As a car owner, you deserve the true value of your vehicle. 

With our 10+ years of experience we’re capable of handling all types of vehicle including cars, trucks, vans, jeep, SUVs, UTEs, hatchbacks, forklift and sedan of any brands. Our mission is to remove vehicles and offer you top cash for it with less hassle of paperwork.

Why Choose Us – Top Reasons that sets us apart! 

We understand that deciding when and where to sell your car can be difficult. That’s why, we take pride to provide you excellent services that are unbeatable around Australia. To prioritize your satisfaction, we are committed to providing the best car-selling experience. Here are the top reasons to opt for our service over any other:- 

    • Competitive Price $15,000

Getting the reasonable and best return value for your vehicle must be your top priority when selling a car. Scraply understands it well that’s the reason we pay you 10% extra cash for cars up to $15,000 for your any condition vehicle. 

    • Australia Wide Free pickup

Cash for Cars Sydney, Darwin, and more – our service is available in numerous cities across Australia. With coverage in 86 cities across 6 states, we’re here to assist you wherever you are.

    • Digital Receipt 

When you use our car removal service, you’ll receive an instant digital receipt that ensures the successful completion of your car sale, providing you with the confidence that your vehicle has sold to the right buyers!

    • 5 secs AI Car Valuation 

It’s the quickest and most convenient way to know how much your car is worth. In just 5 seconds by filling out our Quote form with basic details of your vehicle. Your time is precious to us, so we’ve made it simple for you. 

    • 10+ Years Expertise 

We’ve been in the industry since 2013 and have removed thousands of vehicles. By providing excellent and environmentally responsible services, we received the BEST CAR RECYCLING COMPANY award in 2017. Our goal is to provide customers with safe and satisfying services while being environmentally friendly.

    • Multiple Payment Methods

At scraply, you have multiple secure payment methods, so you can conveniently receive the payment in your own secure method- PayPal, PAY ID, Bank transfer, OSKO.

    • Environment-Friendly

We comply with all Govt. regulations for car recycling and disposal and strive to make our process as safe for the environment as we can. 

We all know junk cars can release various harmful substances into the environment such as oil, coolant, gasoline and other fluids that may leak from the vehicle and can cause harm to nearby water sources, ground, and surrounding ecosystems that makes it necessary to let them recycle, dispose of through qualified centres, junk car removal services and scrap yards. 

We pay cash for any condition cars:

Our 3-step process is quick, simple, and stress-free!

Selling a car would never be this much easier, but now you can sell in just 3 steps and get rid of your car in a simple, quick, and stress-free process! 

STEP 1 - Provide us with your vehicle’s basic details.
Provide basic details of vehicle (make, model, condition, year) by filling up our Quote form or you can simply give us a call and receive the free car valuation in just 5 seconds.
STEP 2- Get An Offer
If you’re happy with the offer, let us know to complete the further process.
STEP 3- Free Pickup & Instant Payment
Our tow team will come to your doorstep, quickly complete paperwork and inspect vehicles on the spot. Lastly, before removing your vehicle we pay you instantly and tow away your vehicle.

We’re the Fastest Car Removal Service in Australia!

Are you located in a place in Australia where it’s hard to find car removal services? Worry not! We cover Australia’s every corner with our free car removal service no matter whether it’s east, west, south, or north, our professional towing team is capable of reaching everywhere. 

With our vast network of over 500 towing trucks nationwide, we ensure quick and efficient car removal services. You can trust that you’re dealing with professionals who comply with all legal requirements. 

We are easy to find, simply search for “Cash for cars + Your city”  cash for cars near me or damaged car removal we will be shown on top results. So get your car removed by our professionals Today! 

Special Deal 10% Extra Cash for car: For Students and Seniors

Get 10% extra cash for unwanted car at Scraply! Students and seniors can claim this fantastic deal by showing their student ID or senior card.

Get In Touch With Us!

For more information or doubt, you can call us anytime at 0421657675 or fill our Quote form. Our team is friendly and ready to guide you through the car selling process and response to your query within a minute. Experience a convenient way to earn cash for scrap cars in Australia.

Download Our Free Car Selling Checklist

Don’t miss a beat during your scrap car removal! Our checklist is tailored to help you stay on track and achieve a successful car removal.

Hudson James has been with Scraply since 2015. He loves cars and cares about the environment. As a kid, he liked fixing cars with his dad. Later, he saw a car get wrecked and left on the street, which made him think about how to use old cars better. At Scraply, he helps people easily get rid of their old cars and make sure they’re recycled. Hudson believes every old car should have a new life. He’s happy to make the world better, one car at a time.

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