Pink Slip NSW – Complete Guide 2024

Are you struggling to renew your vehicle registration in NSW? Do you know what a Pink Slip is and how much does a pink slip cost in NSW? Whether you’re an experienced driver or new on the road, understanding Pink Slips is crucial for vehicle safety in NSW, Australia.

This guide will walk you through the basics of Pink Slip, from their importance to the steps to get one. Stay tuned to learn all about it!

What is a PINK SLIP NSW?

The Pink Slip refers to a safety inspection certificate that is required for vehicles in NSW.

It shows that your vehicle has successfully completed a vehicle’s safety inspection and meets all the required safety standards for roadworthiness. Pink slip is essential during the vehicle registration renewal process, without pink slip you might not be allowed  to renew the registration. 

Its official confirmation that the vehicle is in compliance with safety regulations and can be driven safely. 

Is Pink Slip and eSafety Check Same?

Yes, the pink slip is officially known as the eSafety check report.  

For most light vehicles (including caravans and trailers that have a combined trailer mass not exceeding 4.5 tonnes, passenger cars, motorcycles.) older than 5 years, a pink slip or eSafety inspection is necessary prior to their registration in NSW.

Importance of a Pink Slip

A pink slip might sounds simple paper but – it’s more about safety, responsibility, reliability and more:-

  • Improve Safety: Having pink slip ensures that vehicles meet all safety standards, and prevents any potential risks which can lead to accidents. 
  • Less Breakdowns: Detailed inspection finds issues early, stopping breakdowns and saving drivers from inconvenience and extra expenses. 
  • Promote Road Safety: By completing eSafety check the vehicle is safe to drive, pink slips make roads safer for everyone. This helps to reduce accidents and promotes responsible vehicle ownership. 
  • Environment Safety: Well maintained vehicles release fewer harmful substances into the air. This helps to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.  

How to Get a Pink Slip NSW

Getting a pink slip NSW isn’t a difficult task, it’s easy once you know the process. These are the steps you’ll need to follow:

STEP 1:- Visit the official page of NSW Government  – Browse services – Driving and transport – vehicle Inspections and vehicle changes.

Link: Get an eSafety check (pink slip) | Service NSW

STEP 2:- At the bottom, click on the Online Search Tool – “Find a safety inspection provider.”

STEP 3:– To find a nearby AIS station, enter your suburb or postcode

STEP 4:– Once you search your location, it will show you the list of AIS stations available nearby your areas along with contact details.  

  • Look for an inspection place that shows signs with “AIS Signage” that tell you what safety inspection they can perform. These signs must be at the from their places.

Tips to Prepare for a Pink Slip Inspection

Now you’re familiar with the term Pink Slip or eSafety check, so now we bring some tips to prepare for a Pink Slip Inspection. 

Regular Maintenance 

Giving regular maintenance means giving a long and safe life to your vehicle, ensuring its roadworthiness. Regular vehicle service can help your identify and address potential issues before they become major issues. 

Pre-Inspection Pink Slip Checklist

Now to pass the eSafety inspection, here’s the checklist you need to consider:-

  • Check lights or indicators (If you find any, consider replacing them)
  • Check tires, if they are in good condition and properly inflated.
  • Check steering is responsive and smooth.
  • Test your brakes, including the handbrake. 

You can also use other components of your vehicle, if you’re comfortable and experienced doing that. 

When Do You Need a Pink Slip NSW?

If your vehicle is more than 5 years old, it will require an eSafety Check. So when you own a vehicle of this age, it’s time to think about getting a pink slip. 

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

Are you selling or buying a used vehicle? Remember, pink slip is required!

If you’re the seller, providing valid pink slip to the buyer is your responsibility. It’s an important step in ensuring that the vehicle changes hands in a safe and legal manner. 

If you’re using scrap car removal or car disposal services, each provider may have different requirements. For example, Cash for Cars Sydney may only need proof of ownership like the registration paper.

The Pink Slip Inspection Process

Now you must looking for pink slip near me, right? so before starting the process, here are the things you need to know:

Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS)

In NSW only an Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) is approved to conduct pink slip inspections. These stations have professional and qualified inspectors who assess your vehicle’s condition and ensure it meets all safety standards set by the government. 

What’s Checked in a Pink Slip Inspection?

These are the key components are checked during the Pink Slip inspection:- 

  • Brakes System
  • Lights 
  • Tires and wear level
  • Suspension
  • Steering 
  • Indicators
  • Engine bay 
  • Safety features (Belts and Airbags) 

The process aims to identify any issues that might compromise your vehicle’s safety on the road. 

Inspection Report

If your vehicle successfully passed the safety check, the inspection report will be sent to Transport for NSW electronically by your provider. 

However, if your vehicle doesn’t pass due to need of repairs, then you’ll need to get them done within 14 days. Once you completed it, again there will be another inspection and give you a report. 

Remember, if this repair takes more than 14 days to fix, you’ll have to start the entire process again with a new eSafety check.

For more details: Safety checks and vehicle inspections | NSW Government 

Pink Slip Cost and Validity

Getting a pink slip involves some costs and has a limited timeframe during which it’s valid. Let’s have a look at these:- 

Pink Slip Cost

Many people asked “How much for pink slip?” The price of Pink Slip might vary depending on your location, also it can be changed by the time or year. It’s always advisable to consider getting up-to-date information through the NSW government

These fees have been in fixed since October 1, 2023 by NSW government:- 

Inspection typeTotal fee (inc. GST)
Light vehicle$46
Trailer without brakes$24
Trailer with brakes$36

Validity Period

Well, the most common question is “How long does a pink slip last?” 

Once you get the Pink Slip, it remains valid for 6 months

It means you have to renew or get an eSafety check after every six months to ensure your vehicle is still roadworthy. 

Note: Pink slip is a requirement for most light vehicles that are older than 5 years. 

Have a safe driving!


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve covered everything concerning the NSW Pink Slip or eSafety check for 2024. By reading the entire process, you can enhance your understanding of what a Pink Slip Sydney, NSW is. For further information, it’s recommended to visit the official NSW government webpage. Through this blog, we provide the latest and most accurate details.

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