How to Sell My Car : 2024 The Entire Process

Are you struggling to sell your car? Well, I won’t lie — selling a car can be a bit stressful and challenging. Whether your car is scrap, damaged, or simply no longer needed, you will end up tired by the selling process. But don’t worry, it’s not like rocket science. Selling a car can be easy and beneficial when you know how to handle the entire process, including necessary paperwork and towing.

Location on the other hand plays an important role when it comes to selling a car. Factors such as demand, market value, and crowded areas can greatly affect your selling experience. Usually car owners find it complicated to assess the vehicle’s condition and determine its current value. In this blog, we will take you through everything that you need to know as a car seller. So, let’s get in!

Know Your Car’s Condition

To sell your car firstly you need to understand the condition of your car and determine where and why it should be sold. Regardless of vehicle’s make or model, its condition actually impacts its value. Therefore, your initial task is to assess the condition of your vehicle. Here are some of cars condition:


A vehicle that is no longer in working and roadworthy condition is called “Scrap”. It’s usually old and damaged and also costly to repair. Instead of getting it repaired people consider it to sell for its metal and other recyclable materials. Usually, scrap cars are dismantled for parts rather than used for transportation.

Written off

When an insurance company decides that a damaged vehicle isn’t worth fixing, they “write off” it. Which means they declare it a total loss and pay the owner the vehicle’s value before the damage happened. Write-off vehicles might sell for parts or scrap.

In simple words, your insurance company declares a write-off, which means the car damage exceeds its actual value and is not worth fixing due to accidents or any other reasons.


A vehicle that has been broken in some way called Damaged. This damage can be minor to major level due to accidents, natural disasters like hail storms or floods, constant wear and tear. 

Basically, any condition that affects the normal functioning or appearance of the car can be considered damage. For example — dented, broken lights, mechanical issues (e.g. engine or transmission), interior damages. 

Gradually a damaged  car requires repairs to back into normal condition or for safe driving.


Salvage is a type of title when a vehicle is so damaged that fixing it costs more than its actual value, it’s called salvage. It might not be safe or not useful without extensive repairs. 


An unregistered car – if a car’s registration expires, gets cancelled or is suspended for some reason, it becomes unregistered. Registration shows that your vehicle is allowed to be on road. So, if you’ve an unregistered car, this means it’s not allowed to be driven on roads until it gets registered again. 

To know about the process of registering a used car in NSW, here is the complete guide – How To Register a used Car In NSW – Full Guide 2024 – SCRAPLY 

Understand What Your Car Requires – Gather The Papers

Now, as you know the condition of your car, it’s time to understand the essential documents and when these are required. This is another way to make your car selling process easy and smooth. Here are these:

Pink Slip (e-Safety)

A Pink slip is a safety inspection certificate that confirms your vehicle meets all the necessary roadworthiness standards, it’s also known as e-safety check. If your car is over 5 years old, you need to get this safety inspection. If you pass the inspection, you will receive a pink slip.

When Required: 

Pink slip is required during the registration renewal process, without this you might not be allowed to renew your registration. 

Blue Slip (Roadworthiness Certificate):

A Blue Slip is a type of roadworthy certificate designed to ensure that a vehicle meets all safety and roadworthiness standards. Blue slip also known as AUVIS (Authorised unregistration vehicle inspection scheme) This procedure is primarily intended for unregistered vehicles, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria before being allowed back onto the road.

When Required: 

If your vehicle’s registration has expired for more than 3 months, you will require a blue slip. Additionally, if your vehicle is brought into NSW from interstate or overseas, you need to ensure it is roadworthy.

Notice of Disposal (NOD): 

Once you have sold the car, you need to inform the transport for NSW, that you’ve just transferred the registration or disposed of the vehicle. The notification is named Notice of Disposal, it’s an  essential document. 

When Required: 

After selling or disposing of a car in NSW, you are required to submit a Notice of Disposal (NOD) within 14 days of the sale. As the seller, it is your responsibility to submit this notice, which serves to protect you from any potential consequences or issues related to the vehicle. 

By submitting the Notice of Disposal, you are  that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle and that you will not be held responsible for it in the future.

Transfer of Car Registration: 

As a buyer in NSW, you need to transfer the registration into your name within 14 days of purchasing a car. You might need to visit a service centre or authority, complete paperwork or pay fees for getting a car registration into your name. 

When Required: 

When you buy a car, you need to transfer the registration into your name. It is the buyer’s responsibility to complete this process within 14 days of purchasing the car. Failure to do so may result in late fees.

Selling Car At SCRAPLY 

Do you want to sell your damaged, old, or unwanted vehicle in Sydney? If yes, then don’t struggle anymore. Scraply is one of your solutions, as we buy any type of car in any condition. Not only do we buy cars, but we also offer services for buying vehicles in both non-working and working conditions. We are popularly known for providing top cash payment at the same-day of car selling, which means you don’t need to wait any longer. 

These are the steps you need to follow when selling a car at Scraply:-

  1. Car Valuation

To know your vehicle’s current market value, use our free car valuation tool or fill out our online quote form. You’ll get an estimate based on its condition within minutes. For a more accurate offer, contact us, we make an offer that works for both.

  1. Accept an Offer

If you like our offer and wish to proceed further, do let us know.

  1. Schedule Pickup

Provide us with your vehicle pickup location and a convenient time so that our towing team can come for towing within our average pickup time.

  1. Receive Payment 

Once our team comes to your location here are the process is followed:

Scraply’s Towing Process

  1. Tow Team comes to your location

Our towing team of two members comes to your provided location.

  1. Complete the Quick Paperwork

One team member will make your car ready for towing, meanwhile another one 

 assists you with paperworks: 

  • Proof of Ownership: You need to show us your proof of ownership. (registration paper)
  • Give you Sale Receipt: Our team will provide you with the sale receipt as a proof of sale.
  1. Pay You On The Spot

Once these tasks are completed, we pay you on the spot in your preferred payment method that suits you best, including online, bank transfers, cheques, etc.

  1. Tow Away Your Car

After that, our team will ask you for permission to remove your car from your place and tow it away to our scrap yard. The good news is – we do it free of cost!

How Location Affect Your Car Selling 

As of now, you are only aware of how car conditions affect its value, but did you know there is another factor which is underrated yet most effective when it comes to selling a car? Your location plays an important role in the resale value of your vehicle. Let’s understand with the example of locations:

Big Cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide:

If you’re in Australia’s big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, these cities can greatly beneficial for your selling experience:

High Demand:In big cities, with their high populations, there is a specific demand for used cars. Even if you wish to sell damaged or junk cars, you can easily find scrap yards in every corner of the locality. However, with such an availability of options comes the risk of scams. It is important to choose a car buyer with a good reputation.
Competitive Market:As there are a lot of buyers that leads to competition among sellers. In such a case, this works in your favour as you have plenty of options available. Because potential buyers probably offer you more money  to get your car in any condition instead of some other buyers in the market.
Convenience: Selling a car in busy cities is still convenient for you. Plenty of other options such as websites, dealerships, scrap yards etc. Additionally, you can use a service which assists you to sell your car quickly and easily like Car removal Sydney. Among all these, they provide you with free towing service with minimal paperwork needed.

Smaller Cities and Towns: Newcastle, Gold Coast, Canberra, Geelong

If you’re selling a car in smaller cities in Australia like Newcastle, Gold Coast, Canberra and Geelong have some perks when it comes to selling your car. 

Not as Busy:As compared to big cities, life is a bit easier and less hectic in small cities. It means you have more time to discuss with potential buyers as there will be less distractions and selling options. So, your car selling is much faster. 
Less CompetitionIn smaller areas, you have less options and competition when selling your car. Therefore, you will be able to find potential buyers easily. 
Local Ads HelpIn smaller cities and towns there is a lower population, so in this situation advertising your car locally will be more effective. People in such areas more like to rely on local advertising platforms, which also help you to reach potential buyers. 

Rural and Remote Areas : Outback regions, small towns

In rural or outback areas and small towns selling a car can be challenging due to these:

Limited Demand:In these areas, there are only a few numbers of potential buyers compared to other locations. With limited people there are limited demands for vehicles. Which makes it challenging for you to sell your car that leads to a longer selling process.
Extended Selling Period:Due to limited demand, selling a car in rural areas takes time. You need patience as you need to wait to find the right buyer. The lengthy selling periods means you have to keep looking for potential buyers who will buy your car at your desired price.

Selling Online Across Australia :

Nowadays, selling cars can be easier, even in rural areas, with the help of the internet and online resources. There are plenty of sites available that conduct businesses of buying cars in any condition. All you need to do is find reputable buyers. However, with a long list of options displayed on the internet, it can be challenging to find one.

Sell Anywhere: If you know the online selling process then it can be smoother and easier for you. With an online platform you can reach potential buyers across Australia whether you live in big cities or rural areas. This means you have a large audience and high chances of finding the right potential buyers for your car.  

It’s Easy: Online car selling process is easier once you’ve the step by step knowledge. You only need to list your car, upload photos, provide details of your vehicle etc. For selling old used cars on the other hand, you can also directly connect to the services like cash for cars also known as car removals. Regardless of the vehicle’s condition they buy all types of vehicle and pay you dollars in exchange. These types of services are one of the easy to access options. 

Prices Vary: The price of a vehicle may vary based on the vehicle demand, condition, location, and potential buyer as well. It’s important to research beforehand to get the best price, compare the offers and choose one that suits you best. 

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In conclusion, selling a car can be challenging but with the right approach you can sell it smoothly. Firstly, understand the car’s condition, gather necessary paperwork, and how location can affect your car value. Whether in a big city or rural areas, online platforms like scraply offer convenience and competitive prices. Happy selling!

Hudson James

Hudson James

Hudson James has been with Scraply since 2015. He loves cars and cares about the environment. As a kid, he liked fixing cars with his dad. Later, he saw a car get wrecked and left on the street, which made him think about how to use old cars better. At Scraply, he helps people easily get rid of their old cars and make sure they're recycled. Hudson believes every old car should have a new life. He's happy to make the world better, one car at a time.

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