How To Transfer Car Registration NSW?

Whether you’re buying or selling a vehicle in NSW, the process won’t be complete without transfer car registration. Completing the process is an important step to ensure a smooth transition of ownership, avoid fees or penalties and maintain compliance with the law. 

In this blog, we’ll cover the entire process of online and service centre options, essential information, tips, payment methods and will also highlight the common issues with solutions. To grab the knowledge in one guide, stay tuned to make your transfer car registration stress-free!

Understanding the Basics : Transfer Car Registration

Before we dive into the process, let’s get a grip on the basics. Understanding the fundamentals is the first step in making the process clear and simple. So let’s check out the quick basics before getting into the details. 

Notice of Disposal (NOD) and its role.

If you’re a seller or dispose of your registered vehicle, it’s your responsibility to submit a notice of disposal. NOD is a legal paper that notifies transport for NSW, you’re no longer the registered owner of the vehicle. 

To get more in-depth knowledge of NOD visit – Notice of Disposal in NSW: Complete Guide 

Transferring registration after acquiring a vehicle.

If you’re a new buyer, it’s your responsibility to get the vehicle registration (Rego) transferred into your name within 14 days of buying the car in NSW. 

Eligibility for Transfer Vehicle Registration in NSW

To transfer car registration NSW, there are some eligibility criteria set by Transport for NSW service. Here are they:-

Eligibility for Transfer Registration Online:-

  • You’re transferring ownership of a car registration in NSW.
    – The previous owner submitted a NOD (Notice of disposal)
    – MyServiceNSW account.

Visit a Service NSW centre If:-

  • The previous owner didn’t submit a NOD.
  • You bought the vehicle 
    – for a business/organisation 
    – from interstate sellers.
  • You’re transferring the registration due to the vehicle owner’s death.
  • You’re a carer or guardian transferring ownership.
  • The vehicle is heavy (weighing over 4.5 tonnes).
  • The car has a special/ Personalised plate that you don’t want to keep (Return to a service centre once removed).
  • The previous NSW registration expired more than 3 months ago.
  • You’re entitled to stamp duty exemption

The Requirements To Transfer Car Registration

There are some requirements to transfer vehicle registration. 

To transfer your vehicle registration ONLINE:-

  • A MyServiceNSW Account 
  • You can create an Account When you start your application.
  • Add the “NSW Driver Licence and vehicle registration” service to your account.
  • Provide your concession details (If you have any).
  • Vehicle Purchase date and price or market price (Whichever is Higher).
  • Payments:-
    – Transfer fee and registration stamp duty (unless exempt).
    – Number plate fees (If applicable).
    – Motor vehicle tax (If applicable).

Online Transfer Step-by-Step:

Ready to transfer car registration online in NSW? Let’s simplify the process and make it in steps, so here are the steps:-


Make sure that you meet criteria for online transfer – ownership transfer and a submitted NOD (notice of disposal) by the previous owner. 


Visit the office ServiceNSW website and click on the “Transfer Online” button. 


Login into your MyServiceNSW account, and if you don’t have one then create one to proceed the process.


Simply follow the instructions provided to complete the transfer vehicle registration.

Service Centre Transfer Process

In case, you want to transfer car registration through service centre, then here are the steps to follow:-


Complete or fill out the “Application for Transfer of Registration” form.


Proof of identity, show the proof of registration entitlement or vehicle’s certificate of registration signed on the back by the Seller. Your concession details (If applicable)


Pay the required fees. 

Make sure you have all necessary documentation and payment details for a smooth transfer process. 

Additional Tips:

  • Make sure, all the paperworks is filled out accurately to avoid delays in the transfer process.
  • If you’re buying a used car, make sure the seller provided you with a completed and signed transfer application form. 
  • Keep a copy of all documents related to the transfer for your records. 
  • If you’re a seller, submit a notice of disposal NSW. It informs the ServiceNSW that you are no longer the registered owner of the vehicle. 
  • Notify the car insurance company about your change in registration or ownership. 
  • If you’re transferring an existing NSW registration, a safety inspection report (pink slip) is not needed. 

Consequences Of NOT Transferring Registration 

If you don’t transfer vehicle registration properly in NSW, there are several consequences:-

  1. LATE FEES: If you don’t transfer the registration within two weeks (14 Days) of getting the vehicle, you might have to pay a late fee of $172.
  2. Not Able To Do It ONLINE: If the previous owner didn’t notify the authority they’ve sold the car (Submitting NOD) or if certain special cases apply, you can’t do the transfer online. You have to visit Service NSW centre.
  3. Visit Service Centre: If you can’t do it online, then you must visit a Service NSW centre with required documents including – transfer form, proof of identity, payment and other relevant papers. 
  4. Expired Registration: If the registration expired more than 3 months ago, things can get more complicated. You might need to deal with expired registration first. 
  5. Legal Issues: Until the transfer is done, the previous owner might still be legally responsible for the vehicle such as penalties or tolls. The new owner is probably not considered a current owner until the transfer is complete. 

These are the common things that you could face if you don’t transfer vehicle registration NSW within a given time-frame when you buy or sell a vehicle in NSW. 

FAQs –  Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I transfer car ownership online NSW?

Ans. Yes, you can transfer car ownership online if you’re changing ownership of a vehicle currently registered in NSW, and the previous owner or seller has submitted a notice of disposal.

Q. How much does it cost to transfer a car in NSW?

Ans. If you transfer car registration within 14 days of getting the vehicle, it costs $37. If you transfer it after 14 days, the fee increases to $172.

Q. Can a car be registered in 2 names NSW?

Ans. No, vehicles cannot be registered in two names in NSW.

Q. Can you sell a car in NSW without Rego papers?

Ans.  You must provide the buyer proof of entitlement,  that they have the right to register the vehicle.


In conclusion, it’s an important step for both buyers and sellers to transfer car registration NSW wide . Whether opting for the online process or using a service centre, understanding the eligibility criteria and the requirements is crucial. Provide accurate documentation and stay up-to-date, keep records. Additionally, if you have an unwanted car and are struggling to find a buyer, consider Scraply as your preferred option. We buy vehicles of any kind and offer top cash for cars Sydney wide. Stay tuned for more information and updates on our services.

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