How to Order a Vehicle History Report in NSW

Are you thinking about buying a used car but unsure about its background? One way to know about a vehicle’s history is by ordering a vehicle history report. Knowing the history plays a crucial role for buyers, as it helps uncover any incidents or issues in the vehicle’s past.

In simple words, a vehicle history report is a detailed document that provides comprehensive information about a vehicle’s history. It helps potential buyers make informed decisions by revealing any hidden problems or histories. 

Just like our other informative blogs, we bring you another well-constructed and descriptive blog. In this blog, you’ll discover the process of ordering a vehicle history report, the details included in the report, how it helps you, and more. Read on to grab all the details!

Free Registration Check

When ordering a vehicle history report, you can also check the vehicle’s registration for free. With the same process. So here are the details free registration check includes:

  • Registration status (suspended or cancelled )
  • Registration expiry date

Vehicle History Report

Vehicle history report can be one of the crucial checks when buying a used car, as it provides you with a sort of peace of mind by knowing a complete history of the vehicle. So, here are the things it includes (Available for free):

  • Written-off status and reasons (since 2004)
  • Stolen vehicle, number plates or engine status
  • Number of registered operators in NSW
  • Past use (e.g. taxi, hire car)
  • Single or joining registered operators
  • First registration date in NSW
  • Past 3 months odometer readings (If applicable)

Details that vehicle history report does not cover:

  • Conditionally registered vehicles 
  • Legal or certified evidence for court use. 

NOTE: Remember, a vehicle history report cannot be used as legal proof. 

Eligibility Criteria

Now, you must know whether you’re eligible to order a vehicle history report or free registration check or not. So before you start, let’s first have a look on the eligibility criteria:

  • Free Registration Check: Vehicle’s previously or currently registered in NSW
  • Vehicle History Report: Not available for conditionally registered vehicles.

Requirements for Ordering

To order a vehicle history report, you will require these basic details in NSW:

  • Vehicle’s NSW registration plate number
  • A valid credit card. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering

Here are the steps you need to follow to get a vehicle history report:-


Visit the official website of service NSW and find services or you can directly click on this link Order a vehicle history report | Service NSW 


Next, you will be redirected to another page to order a vehicle history report, here you need to click on the “ORDER ONLINE” button.


Now, enter a NSW plate number, read and accept the terms and conditions. 


Click on the “Buy a report” and carefully check your details and submit. Enter your payment details and download or email your report and transaction receipt once payment is processed.   

Free Registration Check Details

 These are the information free registration check provides:

  • Registration expiry date
  • Registration status (Suspended or cancelled)
  • Registration restrictions
  • Registration concessions
  • Compulsory third party (CTP) insurer and policy expiry date

Note that the vehicle VIN is not included in this report.

To know more in details about car registration: Rego Check NSW: Complete Guide 2024 – SCRAPLY 


In conclusion, to order a vehicle history report in NSW you need to go through the simple process. I hope you gained the knowledge and are ready to get a history report to make a smart decision for buying a vehicle. Whether you need to check the registration status for free or get a detailed history report, this blog covers everything. Have a good deal!
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Hudson James

Hudson James

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