The Dangers of Not Submitting Notice of Disposal in NSW: Complete Guide

Selling your car in NSW? Well, while it might seem like a simple process, the paperwork involved can often turn it into a hassle. No matter if you’re selling your car through dealerships, privately or cash for cars Sydney companies. One of the common issues that people face during this process is the proper submission of the NSW Notice of Disposal (NOD). You might think it’s an easy task, but it can become quite challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs. 

The good news is that in this comprehensive guide, we’re here to simplify things for you. We’ll cover the entire process of submitting N-O-D in NSW into easy-to-follow steps whether you decide to submit online or offline, ensuring you complete it legally. Let’s get right in.


After selling a car you need to notify the Transport for NSW (RMS- Roads and Maritime Services) that you’re no longer a registered owner of a sold or disposed of vehicle. This notification is done by submitting a notice of disposal. 

In NSW, no matter if you’re selling, trading, or disposing of your vehicle, it’s important to submit notice to the local authority. This document is one of the crucial steps because it protects you from any vehicle related future liability.

TRANSPORT FOR NSW  is a government organisation in New South Wales responsible for transportation and roads. 

When to submit NOD?

In NSW, after selling your vehicle, make sure to submit a Notice of Disposal right away. This way, you won’t be responsible for any issues caused by the new owner, like traffic or parking violations.

If you’re the SELLER, it’s your responsibility to inform the Transport for NSW about the sale by submitting the Notice of Disposal.

For BUYERS in NSW, it is essential to complete the transfer of vehicle registration (commonly known as REGO) within 14 days of the sale.  If the buyer takes longer than that, they have to pay late fees that are $172. So, it’s best to get it done on time to avoid those late fees.

Transferring the registration of your vehicle within 14 days will cost $37.

What Type of Vehicle Requires NOD?

These vehicle needs a NSW notice of disposal once they’ve been sold:-

  1. Motorcycle and Scooters: These vehicles also need to have a NOD submission after selling. 
  2. Registered Vehicle: All the registered vehicles in NSW will require a notice of disposal when is sold, traded or disposed of. 
  3. Unregistered Vehicles: You will still have to submit a NOD when you are no longer an owner of unregistered vehicles. It  ensures that new vehicle owners can register it legally. As it’s important to understand that NOD is required for all types of vehicle regardless of its age and condition. 
  4. Caravans and Trailers: The submission of NOD required for caravans and trailers too when they’ve been sold. 

Sold Your Car in NSW? Don’t Miss This Important Step!

The Notice of Disposal is one of the crucial steps when selling your car in NSW. If you forget or fail to submit a notice of disposal you may face legal consequences.

On the other hand, if you don’t provide Transport for NSW with the buyer’s complete details then you could be responsible for driving, parking and other offences involving the vehicle until Transport for NSW is able to record the full details of the new owner.

Another important step is when completing a notice of disposal for your vehicle when selling it, remember to conduct “Rego Check“. This will ensure that registration details are updated.


If you fail to submit a notice of disposal after selling or disposing of your registered car in New South Wales, you must end up paying hefty penalties as it is a legal step. These are the consequences of non-compliance:-

Late Fees/ Fines:If you haven’t submitted a NOD within the required timeframe, you must submit it along with late fees/fine by Transport for NSW. However, the amount can depend on the circumstances, that is $172. 
Continued Registration Fees:In case, you don’t submit a notice of disposal and the buyer also fails to register the vehicle in their name, then you still hold the ownership and are liable for continued registration fees.
Legal Liability:If a new vehicle owner is involved in any accident or commits any offence with the vehicle before registering it in their name. In such a situation, you hold the legal liability for that, which results in fines or even legal action against you. 
Points on Your Licence:On the other hand, failing to submit NOD could result in demerit points being added to your driver’s licence. 

Step by Step Guide – How To Submit Notice Of Disposal in NSW 

You can lodge notice of disposal in NSW, online and offline as per your convenient method. Here we have mentioned the following steps for each methods, along with the required documents:- 


You can’t submit a Notice Of Disposal (NOD) online if:

  • You don’t have a NSW Driver Licence or Photo card
  • Your vehicle registration is conditional (e.g. If your vehicle has any modifications.)
  • You’re selling the vehicle on behalf of a company or organisation.
  • The buyer lives in another state and has an interstate driver’s licence.
  • The buyer is an interstate motor dealer without a NSW motor dealer licence number.

Note:– If you can’t submit the NOD online, you have another option for submission in paper form through mail.

Gather Your Documents:-

  • Vehicle NSW registration Information (VIN, make, model, licence plate)
  • Seller’s Information (NSW Driver Licence or Photo Card details)
  • Buyer’s Information (NSW Driver Licence)
  • Date of Sale or Transfer (known as the date of disposal)
  • Market value of the vehicle or Sale Price (whichever is higher)
  • The NSW motor dealer’s registered business name and licence number. (If you sold vehicle to a dealership)
  • A MyServiceNSW Account (Optional)
  • If you have an E-Tag, update your number plate details with your tag provider.
  • Keep copies of all relevant documents. 

(E-Tag: It’s an electronic toll collection or tag on your car that automatically pays tolls when you drive on certain roads. It saves you from having to stop and use cash, overall it makes travel more convenient.)

Submission Method:-

OFFLINE: Submit Notice of Disposal NSW

You can lodge a Notice of Disposal offline by filling out the form or mail to transport for NSW:-

Step 1: Download or print the paper form of NOD

Step 3: Now, both buyer and seller need to sign the form. 

Step 4: Lastly, submit the form by mail it to Transport for NSW, PO Box 21,

Parkes 2870 or lodge at a service NSW centre. 

(Note: Companies and Organisations MUST post it to PO Box 21, Parkes NSW 2870.) 

Final Checklist Review

As you’re all set to submit it in-person or send your NOD by mail, wait for a moment to recheck the form. Also, ensure you’ve included everything required. 

ONLINE: Submit Notice of Disposal NSW

Simple steps to lodge a notice of disposal online:-

Step 1: First visit the Service NSW official site and check the eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Click on the “Submit Online” button.

Step 3: Choose one of the suitable options:-

Option A:-

You can submit a Notice of Disposal online using your NSW driver licence or Photo card

Step A.1: Now, enter your vehicle plate number details and fill out the other required details. 

Step A.2: Carefully read and accept the terms and conditions. 

Step A.3: Print your receipt of submission or send it to an email address. 


Option B

If you’ve MyServiceNSW account, you can login to your account for submission. 

Step B.1: Login to Your MyServiceNSW account. 

Step B.2: Go to the “Services” tab and choose “Transport.”

Step B.3: Now, select “Notify RMS of a Disposal” and provide the required details, including vehicle’s registration number, your licence details etc. 

Step B.4: Confirm and submit the Notice of Disposal Online. 

Final Checklist Review

Make sure before clicking that Submit button, double check that all the necessary steps were completed carefully. Also, check all the required documents have been attached and fill out the form accurately. 

NOTE: At last, do not forget to keep a copy of the Notice of Disposal for your records. It’s advised to do this for your own protection. 

Common Mistakes To AVOID:-

Submitting notice of disposal probably simple but still many people make these common mistakes:-

  1. Forget to Submit Within Time-frame: Within TWO weeks of the timeframe you’ve to submit a notice of disposal to inform Transport for NSW. 
  1. Rely On Buyer: Positively identify the buyer, however do not rely on them to transfer the registration or to submit NOD.
  1. Incorrect Details: Always ensure you’ve double checked all the details and attached documents when providing them in the form of NOD. As incorrect information can cause delays and complications in the transfer of ownership process. 
  2. Forget to Notify Insurance Company: When cancelling your vehicle’s registration, you also need to inform your insurance company to avoid paying an unnecessary premium.
  3. Removing Registered Plates: While disposing of your vehicle, you should also remove its registration plates to prevent them from being used illegally or fraudulently. Either you can destroy them by yourself or return it to RMS. 
  4. Incomplete paperwork: Always read the requirement and criteria of NOD carefully before submitting it. Many people made this mistake when submitting NOD in NSW. 

The Harm Buyer Could Do To The Seller

If you don’t submit Notice of Disposal, these are the harms buyer could do to you and your vehicle:-

  1. Gain Fines: The buyer could park the vehicle illegally or skip tolls, and you’re still responsible for those fines as the vehicle is still registered in your name.
  2. Damage to Reputation: You may not be aware, but if the new owner of a car gets caught doing something seriously wrong, and this incident becomes widely known or gains media attention, it can harm your reputation even if you are completely innocent. This is because you’re still the owner of a car.
  3. Commit Crimes: Suppose, you sold your vehicle to someone, but you forgot to inform the authorities that you’re no longer the owner. Now, if the new owner uses the vehicle for illegal activities, the police might first come looking for you, because officially, you’re still the registered owner of the vehicle.
  4. Civil Lawsuits: If the new owner gets into a major accident that leads to a lawsuit, you could also be brought into it as the registered owner of the vehicle, and it can potentially cost you a lot of time, money and stress. 

Before selling your car, consider these important steps to ensure it goes to a trustworthy buyer. Check their reputation and DON’T forget to submit a Notice of Disposal to avoid potential future issues.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to transfer to Rego NSW?

Ans. The buyer must transfer to REGO NSW within 14 days of purchase, to avoid a late fee and fines. 

Q. Who submits a notice of disposal NSW?

Ans. The seller is responsible for submitting the NOD. 

Q. Is service nsw notice of disposal interstate required?

Ans. Yes, it required.

Q. What paperwork do you need to sell a car in NSW?

Ans. These are the paperwork needed for selling a car in NSW:-

  • Proof of ownership
  • Safety certificate (Pink slip)
  • Vehicle history report
  • Notice of Disposal
  • Bill of sale
  • Transfer of registration. 

Q. Can I cancel notice of disposal Sydney, NSW?

Ans. It’s not possible to cancel the Notice of Disposal, once you’ve submitted it. Its advisable to contact the Service NSW or Transport For NSW to discuss your situation. They can guide and advice you.

Q. What happens if someone doesn’t do a notice of disposal?

Ans. After selling or transferring a vehicle if someone doesn’t submit a Notice of Disposal in NSW, they still will be legally responsible for that vehicle.

Q. How long does notice of disposal take?
Ans. The Notice of Disposal completed immediately right after the submission.

Q.  What happens after a notice of disposal?
Ans. Your name will be removed from the registration, and you’ll be relieved of any responsibilities related to the vehicle. 

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