Demerit points NSW: Complete Guide For 2024

Are you a car owner in NSW and don’t know terms like demerit points? They are penalty points for violating driving rules. So, how will you know how many demerit points you have? How does it impact driving records? Don’t worry – we bring the complete guide that has all the information you need.

This blog will help you to understand the ins and out of demerit points NSW, and being a driver the importance of these points. Now let’s discuss more about these points and clear up all your doubts.

What Are Demerit Points NSW?

Demerit points NSW serve as penalties for violating driving rules. In simple words, demerit points are penalty points for breaking driving rules. 

All drivers start with zero points and if you drive safely, it stays zero demerit points. However, if you break rules, you will receive points along with a fine. 

How You Get Demerit Points

In NSW, you get demerit points when you break rules such as –

  • Traffic
  • Caught speeding
  • Using your phone while driving
  • Committing other offences.

These points have a specific point value, and these are added to your driving record. In case you received too many points, then your licence may be suspended.

Demerit Points Limits

How many demerit points NSW? So, your demerit points NSW limit is the maximum number of points you can get before the Transport authority takes action. If you cross this limit,  they may suspend or refuse to renew your licence. Each licence type has its own limits, here’s how:-

Licence TypeDemerit Point Limit
(Unrestricted) Regular Licence 13 Points
Professional Drivers14 Points
Provisional P2 Licence7 Points
Provisional P1 Licence4 Points
Learner Licence4 Points
Unrestricted Licence during Good behaviour period2 Points

Stay below your limit to keep driving hassle-free!

Useful link: Apply for a good behaviour period | Service NSW 


You need to have MyServiceNSW Account, if you don’t have an account previous then to create, you’ll need:

  1. Your NSW driver’s license details, or
  2. The plate number of a vehicle registered in your name.

Step-By- Step Process : How to check demerit points NSW?

Are you confused about the process of how to check demerit points NSW? It’s a simple process. Here is the simple step by step process:


Visit the Service NSW official website = Find Services >  Driving and Transport > Driving penalties, demerits and fines


Now select the “Check Online” button.


Next, either log in or create a new MyServiceNSW account.  If it’s your first time or you haven’t added them before, just enter your NSW driver licence or vehicle registration details.


Accept the terms and conditions and lastly take a look at your demerit points record.

Note: The demerit points report shows the points you’ve received over the past 3 years and 4 months

How Long Do Demerit Points Last?

You must get questions like how long do demerit points last, right? So, in NSW, demerit points are like permanent markers on your driver record –  they never get removed. Let’s make it simple for you, here’s how demerit points last in NSW:-

  1. Staying Forever:-

Once you get a demerit point, it stays on your driving record. They don’t disappear over time. 

  1. Three-Year-Rule (3 Years)

If your demerit point offences are being considered for a licence suspension or refusal, they need to happen within 3 years of each other. 

  • No Specific Time Limit in the Law:

Although the law sets a 3 year time-frame, it doesn’t provide a specific limit within those three years offences must happen. 

  • Offences Older than 40 Months

To keep things fair, transport won’t look at offences that are older than 40 months when deciding whether to suspend your licence. This means the authority focuses more on more recent offences.

  1. When Do Demerit Points Finalised

Demerit points from driving offences added to your record when the fine for offence is finalised. This is when:- 

  • You pay the fine
  • Revenue NSW enforces the fine
  • The court issues a conviction for the offence. 

Remember, it’s a time taking process, once you get the demerit point it will take time for the offence to be recorded, especially if it goes to court – It can be months!

Common Traffic Offences and Demerit Points NSW

There are different types of traffic violations in NSW. These offences can lead in demerit points added to your driving record. Here are some common traffic offences that associated with demerits points:

  1. Speeding: Exceeding the speed limit
  2. Mobile Phone Use: Using a phone while driving
  3. Seatbelt Offences: Not wearing a seatbelt
  4. Running a Red Light: Ignoring a red traffic light
  5. Illegal U-Turn: Making an illegal U-turn
  6. Not Giving Way: Failing to give way
  7. Not Stopping at a Stop Sign: Failing to STOP at Stop sign
  8. Disobeying Traffic Signals: Ignoring traffic control signals (excluding red lights)

These are some of the common offences that happen in NSW, while there are many other offences along with penalties. To know more about them you can visit: Search offences and penalties | NSW Government 

Always remember, the number of demerit points depends on how serious the offences are. As a driver, make sure you know and follow the road rules. To prevent exceeding the demerit points and facing potential consequences, such as licence suspension, comply with speed limits and avoid distractions.

It’s advisable to regularly check your demerit point balance using demerit point check services. The process is easy and can be found in the section mentioned above.

Changes and Updates in 2024

Good news for a million drivers who can get benefits from a new program related to demerit points NSW. If a driver has a clean record without demerit points for 12 months, they may get all their previous points removed. About 1.3 million drivers in NSW could benefit from this initiative, which is successful. Now, it’s extended for another year, and eligible drivers might have their demerit points cleared by April 2024.  

Good news for Safe Drivers!

“This recent update is from:  Millions of NSW drivers eligible to get a demerit point wiped from today” 


In conclusion, demerit points NSW are the points the penalty points of driving. This comprehensive blog covered key aspects, including their definition, accumulation, process, limits and the lasting impact on driving records. At last, adhering to demerit points rules, driving can maintain a clean record and contribute to safer roads for all. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I find out how many demerit points I have?

Ans. The number of demerit points depend on your licence type. For an example – Demerit points for unrestricted licence = 13.

Q. How long do demerit points stay on your record?

Ans. Your demerit point limit, determined by the licence type – it lasts for 3 years. 

Q. When do demerit points reset

Ans. Demerit points do not reset. In NSW, they stay on your driving record for 3 years from the date of Violations .

Q. How do I get rid of demerit points NSW?

Ans. No need to worry, as Demerit points in NSW automatically expire after 3 years from the offence date. But, it will be visible in your driving history record. To keep a clean record, drive safely and avoid increasing new demerit points. 

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