2024 Full Guide For Unregistered Vehicle Permit NSW

Before taking your unregistered vehicle on the road in NSW, it’s essential to obtain a unregistered vehicle permit (UVP). It’s a type of permission slip that allows you to drive an unregistered vehicle. If you’re not already aware of this requirement, now is the time to get informed. 

This guide aims to provide comprehensive information covering the UVP process, associated costs, and fees. By the end of the blog, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to complete this process. Let’s dive in!

What Is Unregistered Vehicle Permit In NSW?

An Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) is like a special permission slip that lets you drive an unregistered vehicle for a specific journey. 

However, it’s important to note that this permit is only valid for the time it takes to finish that specific journey using the quickest route.

Note: If you’re an interstate or overseas visitor, then before applying for the UVP make sure to go to a Service NSW Centre first to get a customer number. Bring your proof of identity documents with you when you visit the service centre.

When is NSW Unregistered Vehicle Permit Required?

In NSW Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) is required, when you want to drive a vehicle that isn’t registered for a particular journey. 

Here are some of the common situation, when you’ll require a UVP:- 

  1. Moving an unregistered vehicle:- If you’re taking an unregistered vehicle somewhere, such as a mechanic or new location, you need a UVP.
  2. Sometimes, you need to drive an unregistered vehicle for some specific reasons like moving it. In this you’ll require an unregistered vehicle permit that is like a temporary pass for that specific journey or time. 

Always consider getting an UVP before you start driving the unregistered vehicle anywhere in Australia. 

What You Need?

To obtain unregistered vehicle permit NSW, you need to have these:-

  • Your proof of identity (e.g. Driver licence )
  • Personal/corporation details including: 
    – Your driver licence number or customer number
  • Vehicle’s details
  • The old number plates (If your vehicle still has them)
  • Details of the specific journey 
  • Australian Contact Address (If you’re an interstate visitor )
  • Payment
  • PDF Forms:-
    – Vehicle Suitable for safe use declaration
    – Application for unregistered vehicle permit. 

Unregistered Vehicle Permit Cost

The cost of an Unregistered Vehicle Permit can vary state to state, and it’s essential to check with the authorities of a specific state for the most up-to-date information. However, here is the NSW unregistered vehicle permit cost:- 

Transaction typeAmount
Unregistered vehicle permit (UVP)$25
Replacement unregistered vehicle permit$25

For more information related to fees, please visit Vehicle registration fees | NSW Government 

How to Get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit NSW?

To get a NSW unregistered vehicle permit, you have couple of options available to complete the process including online and offline both, here’s how it work:-


  1. Download and complete the following forms:-
  1. Download Forms and complete them. 
  2. Prepare Documents : Gather all your necessary documents including proof of identity and old number plates if you still have them.
  3. Choose submission method: Either send your forms and documents
  4. Visit Your Nearby Service Centre.
  5. Submit Application : Hand in your completed forms and documents.

To Apply via EMAIL or POST

By following these steps, you can easily apply for NSW unregistered Vehicle Permit either by visiting a Service Centre in person or through email or post.

More Information:

  • UVP isn’t a replacement for complete registration.
  • Unregistered vehicle permit don’t cover additional days a vehicle “May” use the roads.

Eligibility For UVP

Eligibility for Unregistered vehicle permit in NSW completely depends on the situation such as when and why you need to drive your unregistered vehicle. Here’s it:

Types of Journey Allowed:  

  • Single Journey: Going from one place to another. 
  • Return Journey: Going from one place to another and then back.
  • Multiple Journey: Travelling over several days up to 28 days, going from one and more places possibly.  
  • Going out of NSW to another state or Coming into NSW from another state.
  • Specific Use: Purpose of driving unregistered vehicle (such as harvesting) for a maximum of 28 days.
  • Moving large mobile cranes over 4.5 tonnes from one place to another.

Types Of Vehicle NOT Eligible for a UVP: 

Carrying load for business:For commercial stuff or business you can’t get UVP.
Exempt From Registration:If your vehicle doesn’t need to be registered regularly (Exempt). 
Write-off:If a vehicle has been declared write off in NSW or another state.
Stolen If your vehicle is reported as stolen or some kind of illegal activity.
Currently Registered: If your vehicle is currently registered, it’s not eligible for UVP.
Suspended Registration: If your vehicle has a defect notice and its registration is suspended. 
Modified Without Permission: If a vehicle has been modified but doesn’t have the proper compliance certificate. 

If your vehicle comes into any of this category, then you can’t get a unregistered vehicle permit in NSW. 

Fines/ Penalties of Driving Unregistered Vehicle in NSW

Driving an unregistered vehicle goes against the law unless you get permission from local authorities. As police in NSW use cameras to check vehicle’s licence plates and ensure its registration. In case you got caught by the police they’ll do two things:-

  1. Seize your vehicle.
  2. Remove the number plate.

On the other hand, there are fines of breaking the rules of driving an unregistered vehicle in NSW, here are these:-

Offence Fine
Driving or parking an unregistered vehicle.$704
Driving or parking a vehicle without the necessary insurance. (CTP)$704

For more accuracy and up-to-date information its recommended to visit Transport for NSW official page: Licence and registration offences and penalties


While getting an unregistered vehicle permit, there are many important things to remember. Here are these:-

How long the UVP Last:-

Unregistered vehicle permit duration depends on the specific trip you applied for and the time it takes to finish it through the fastest route. You can’t use it for extra days.

Limitation on Using Roads:- 

By getting an unregistered vehicle permit you’re allowed to use roads, but it’s not like regular everyday driving. 

Exception For Vehicle Repairs:- 

If you’re repairing your car to pass a safety inspection, you might not need a UVP. 

Rules for Cancelled Registration:

If you cancel your vehicle’s registration, you have to give back the number plate before getting a Unregistered vehicle permit, unless your vehicle is registered seasonally. 

Take Off Number Plates:

Before using a Unregistered vehicle permit, you need to remove the number plates from your vehicle.

Travelling to Other States:

Unregistered vehicle permits can be used for travel in other states, and permits from other states are allowed in NSW. 

You can’t get an NSW unregistered vehicle permit for a trip entirely within another state, but if your journey starts in another state and ends in NSW, you can get an NSW permit.

Sending Someone Else to Get a Permit:

If you can’t go yourself to get an UVP, you can send someone on your behalf to get the unregistered vehicle permit. All you need, fill out the “Representative’s Authority” part on the application form or give them a letter that shows they can do it for you. However, your representative (the person you send) needs to show their own proof of identity. 

CTP Insurance (GreenSlip)

The permit cost includes CTP insurance. This insurance only works when you’re driving on roads or road-related areas, not on private property. 

Conditions on the Permit:

The UVP comes with rules and conditions for when you drive on a road or road related area. 

Usually these rules are like “Secret Codes” written on the permit, to understand them you can check a list of registration and vehicle codes provided by the authorities. Visit- Registration and vehicle codes | NSW Government 


To drive an unregistered vehicle legally and steer clear of fines, securing a NSW Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) is crucial. In this comprehensive blog, we’ve delved into every detail in a simple way. Whether you’re curious about how much the cost of unregistered vehicle permit NSW or their duration, this guide provides a thorough understanding, ensuring you’re well-informed and compliant. Safe travels! In case you’re looking to sell your unregistered vehicle in NSW, then we are at Scraply where we buy your unregistered car and pay you cash for cars Sydney wide.

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