How Did Scraply’s Cash for Old Car Change My Financial Struggle?


Hey, I’m Amelia Taylor, from Campsie, Sydney. I teach cooking online and take care of my daughter all by myself. Few months back, when I lost my job, life got really tough. With bills to pay and my daughter to look after, things got really difficult. I didn’t know what to do or where to get some extra money. Then something unexpected happened that changed everything.

The Struggle 

Being a single mom means a lot of work, and losing my job made things even more harder. I needed money for daily expenses, but I couldn’t just leave my daughter and go out to work. It was a really tough situation to be in.

Challenges That I Faced To Find Solution

I started thinking about ways to make money. I thought about selling my house but it held deep sentimental value as a precious investment. Then I remembered my car. It was only a 5-6 year old Honda Civic 2016, and I hadn’t driven it for over a year. I thought maybe I could sell it to get through this tough time.

I tried to sell the car privately by posting about it on my WhatsApp status and other social media platforms, using the “car for sale” tag. However, the responses I received were mainly from individuals offering significantly lower value than what I believed my car was worth. 

So, I turned to Google and searched for “how to sell a car online.” While browsing through some blogs, I came across a great idea – Cash for cars services. It seemed like a simple and smart option, so I decided to explore it further.

I began my search for cash for old cars services, and there were more than fifty-sixty options all claiming to offer the same thing. It left me wondering which ones were genuine and trustworthy. After going through the list, I shortlisted it down to around 5-10 that seemed reputable.

How I Found Scraply’s Cash For Old Car Service

I filled out online forms for quotes and quickly got responses from around 6-7 companies. Some called me, while others messaged. I compared their offers, considering both the price and whether they offered free towing or not. A few potential buyers were making really nice offers for my car, which was great. However, they didn’t provide free towing to my location in Campsie, Sydney, where I live. On the other hand, there were other buyers who offered free towing, but their overall offer wasn’t as beneficial. I believed my car still has a lot of potential and can be a good deal, so I looked forward to other buyers. 

  • Shortlisting the Right Option

After shortlisting my options to the last 2-3 companies, I came across Scraply’s cash for old car service. What caught my attention was our earlier phone conversation about the car’s value offer that was $4,400. Their genuine approach stood out. I confirmed the deal with them by feeling a sense of trust, 

When the deal was confirmed, they requested the pickup location and a suitable time for me. I was surprised, they arrived 10-15 minutes earlier than agreed upon. I wasn’t fully prepared, having not cleaned or checked my car. I explained the situation and asked for a bit more time. Their understanding response amazed me.

  • A Considerate Team’s Approach

Scraply’s team of two people, both courteous and understanding. While one member inspected the car, the other managed the paperwork. The member inspecting even suggested I take a break while they handled things. I felt calm with their respectful manner.

  • Dusty But Not a Deal-Breaker

What truly surprised me was their attitude toward my dusty car, as I hadn’t cleaned my car for the past years. They assured me that its condition didn’t matter and that they were comfortable buying it as it was. This understanding made the process stress-free and removed any worry about the car’s appearance.

In just a short time of 30 minutes, Scraply had not only proven themselves to be a genuine buyer but also a considerate and friendly team. Their approach made the entire experience feel real and reassuring.

The Process: Valuation and Assistance.

Once I agreed to the deal, I shared the pickup location and convenient time with Scraply’s team.

Online Quote & Offer

I completed Scraply’s Quote form, just like a few others. Surprisingly, I got a call from them within 5 minutes! They were quick. They asked about my car’s condition, which I hadn’t mentioned over the Quote form. 

Honestly, my car was pretty fine, just a bit unused for over a year. Following our conversation, they gave me an online valuation in just a few minutes: $4,400 and offered free towing.

The Quick Arrival

Scraply’s team arrived even before the scheduled time, showcasing their punctuality and dedication.

On the spot Inspection:

Despite my unprepared car, Scraply’s team patiently waited while I was checking my car. I asked if I could take a bit of time to get it ready, and they were totally fine with that. The team efficiently divided tasks – one member inspected the car ensuring everything matches as mentioned on the quote, while the other managed necessary paperwork.

Payment and Ownership Verification:

After completing their respective tasks, they requested to show proof of ownership. Scraply’s team quickly paid the agreed-upon amount online $4,400 for my Honda Civic.  

Towing Permission:

With the payment successful, the team asked for my permission to tow the vehicle away.

While they were towing my car, the team kindly asked for my honest feedback about the service on google business page.

My Heartfelt Experience: Transformation and Renewed Hope

The whole experience was so much easier than I thought. I managed to sell my car in just two days. Scraply’s service didn’t charge me for towing, and they made all the paperwork simple. Towing was absolutely free, including for my local area of Campsie. I highly recommend their cash for cars Sydney service to anyone in the Sydney area. Dealing with them was like a breath of fresh air during a tough time. 


Life can get really tough, especially when you’re a single mom like me. But sometimes, unexpected solutions come along. Scraply’s cash for old car service was like a helping hand that helped me out of a tight spot. It’s a reminder that even when things are hard, there’s a way to find help and keep moving forward.

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