How Did I Easily Turn a Scam into a Successful Junk Car Removal?


Hey there, I’m John William, a software engineer living in Parramatta, Sydney. It was just four months ago that I was getting ready to move to Perth for a new job. Right before the move, I wanted to sell my car. But things took a really frustrating turn – I got caught up in a scam. It left me feeling so down and without any hope. At that point, I gave up on the idea of selling my car and left it parked in my Sydney garage.

But, a good thing happened – I found a solution that really worked. I discovered Scraply, a super helpful service that completely turned things around- Scraply, an incredibly helpful service.


With only 2 days remaining before my flight to Perth, I needed a fast way to sell my toyota camry car and as I realised that it wouldn’t be used anymore since I was the only family member who used to drive it. I opted for a  random online car pickup service hoping for a same-day deal. They asked for an advance towing fee of $300. To proceed with the speedy process and due to the urgency, they increased the amount into $450, still I made payment. 

However, that towing service wasn’t on the expected time and location and didn’t even respond to my call. I waited for more than 4-5 hours thinking there might be some issues, I realised it was fraud and I got into that. 

At that point, I was disappointed and gave up on selling my car and left it parked in my Sydney garage. 

I came back to Sydney on holiday after 3 months. I checked my car’s condition whether it’s working or not, because it was sitting idle in the garage for a long time and it became junk and rusted as it was unused. 


One day, while chatting with my neighbour, I brought up the topic of finding a buyer for my old car. Almost randomly, I asked if they knew anyone who might be interested. To this, my neighbour suggested, “Have you considered using online services?” I hesitated a bit, explaining that I had been scammed before while trying an online service.

She mentioned that she had recently dealt with her old car by using an old car removal service and she happily shared her experience. So, I asked her about the process and where I could find such services. Thankfully, I managed to sell my car successfully using these simple steps:

  • I decided to use Scraply’s junk car removal service for my old car.
  • Without requesting a quote first, I directly contacted them.
  • I shared with them details of my car, a 2016 Toyota Camry, along with its current condition.
  • I provided the car’s details (Toyota Camry, 2016) along with the condition.
  • After reviewing the details, they offered me a price of $3750.
  • I agreed to the offer and confirmed the deal, as well as the time and location for the car removal.

The next morning, right on time as we had agreed, a two-person team arrived at my location. One of them was busy with paperwork, while the other was preparing for a towing vehicle. They thoroughly inspected my car on the spot to ensure it matched the provided details. After all was set, they made the payment online. As soon as the payment was received successfully, they towed my car away.


The challenge of finding a reliable buyer after being scammed was significant. I was hesitant to trust another online service, fearing another letdown. However, the positive experience my neighbour had with Scraply gave me hope.

My Experience With Scraply:

With doubts lingering, I decided to explore Scraply’s services. The process was refreshingly simple and efficient. I reached out to them, and they responded promptly. Unlike my previous experience, their communication was clear and reassuring. 

Scraply offered a fair price for my car and arranged towing at no extra cost. To my delight, they followed through on their promises. The towing was punctual, and the payment was successfully received. Within hours, my car was sold, and I finally experienced the relief I had been seeking.


Based on my positive experience with Scraply, I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking to sell a car. Their honesty, reliability, and efficiency set them apart from the rest. If you’ve been through a similar difficulty or simply want a convenient selling experience, consider giving Scraply a try. Don’t let a past scam deter you – there are trustworthy options out there.


In conclusion, my journey from a scam-ridden setback to a successful car sale highlights the value of finding a reliable buyer. With the right resources and recommendations, finding the car buyer can become a much smoother and satisfying experience.

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