How Scraply Rescued Me from My Old Car with Scrap Car Removal?


Hello, my name is Anne Wilson, and I’m a bakery owner in Blacktown, Sydney. A few months ago,  I was facing a huge problem with my car that was not only gathering dust but also bringing down the value of my property. Rust covered almost all of the car and made it an eyesore for my neighbours and caused all sorts of complaints. 

I desperately wanted to fix it, but the cost of repairs was simply beyond my budget. Also, my busy schedule at the bakery left me with difficulty finding a buyer. When I left with no option available I found amazing service of Scraply.

The Problem

For the past 3 years, I haven’t been driving my dad’s car. It’s about 10 years old now and has just been sitting in front of my house. I didn’t think it was a problem until my neighbour complained that my car’s frame had a lot of rust, and it was leaving stains on the road that bothered them and polluted the area.

I wanted to fix my car, but it was too expensive for me. So, I tried to find someone to buy it instead, however I was worried because the car needed a lot of repairs, which would also be costly. On the other hand, I couldn’t spend much time looking for buyers because I had a busy schedule at the bakery.

It took me over two weeks just to find someone to buy my car. First, I asked my family and friends if they wanted to buy it, but the offers I got were too low.  Then, I tried posting about it on Facebook groups and WhatsApp, but I only got 1 or 2 responses that weren’t really relevant. It was frustrating, and I eventually gave up because it was making me tired.


Even thinking about that moment of selling a car seems challenging until I didn’t find Scraply’s scrap car removal service. But before that I faced a lot of challenges including these:- 

  1. Finding a buyer: The major challenge was finding a buyer for my old damaged car.
  2. Getting desired price: No one was ready to pay the price that my car deserves, as I believe my car only got rusted but it still had some working parts that can be used for more years. 
  3. Dealing with buyers: I found only few people that are interested in looking forward to my car, but the number of irrelevant calls and messages I was receiving in a day around 50 was completely frustrating and disturbing during work. 
  4. Neighbours complaint: dealing with neighbours’ regular complaints about my car was also a challenge for me, however they were complaining about the right thing. 
  5. Decreasing property value: By keeping a junk rusted car in front of my house was also decreasing property value. As it gives the impression that the area or house is not well-maintained. 


Once I was done with every single try, I just tried to watch car selling videos on youtube in which the guy was talking about junk car removal and cash for cars service in his area of the US.

I got an idea from there, and instantly searched for a junk car removal Sydney service if available, and it was surprising for me as there was a long list of such services that buys old, damaged, junk, rusted, even unregistered cars too.  

I started filling multiple Quotes from various car removal services, Scraply was the first who responded within 1-2 minutes. After that there were few more so I shortlisted only 3 buyers including scraply.

I asked for the process, fees, services and explained my car’s condition to them. One buyer was not providing free towing at Sydney, another one was not offering reasonable price, so eventually I Finalise Scraply’s Damaged car removal service. 


I had an amazing experience with Scraply! They were super friendly and professional at work. First, I filled out their Quote form, and within just 1-2 minutes, they called me back with an offer for my vehicle based on the details I gave them. But here’s the best part: I told them that my vehicle had some working parts and could be repaired, which I hadn’t mentioned in the Quote. Guess what? They actually increased their offer because of that! So cool!

I asked for some time to think and also check out other options before making a decision. After a week, I called them back to confirm, and on the same day, I arranged for them to pick up the car. They just needed to know when and where it would be convenient for me.

They took 1 to 2 hours to arrive at my place with a team of 2 people to tow the vehicle. The team quickly checked if the vehicle matched the details given on the phone call. Meanwhile, one person from the team handled the necessary paperwork in a very professional way. Once everything was set, they asked for the car key and instantly transferred the money online successfully.

At last, they also showed me how to transfer ownership after selling the car, and they guided me through the process of submitting a notice of disposal. It only took 20-30 minutes for the entire process.

Personal Recommendation 

Scraply was really great throughout the whole process! They truly care about helping car owners and understanding customers’ situations. Plus, they work really hard to give excellent results with their services. It’s not easy to find a professional buyer like Scraply who puts customers’ concerns first. I would highly recommend Scraply’s services to anyone who’s having trouble selling a car.

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