Earned $1900 in a Day: How I Sold My Old Car in 5 Easy Steps with Scraply


Hey, I’m Emily Smith, an online tutor from Bundall, Gold Coast.  My husband and I were looking for a trendy new car that everyone was talking about in Australia and planning to buy it. While searching online, I noticed a website offering “cash for cars.” But honestly, I was so excited about getting our new car, so I didn’t pay much attention to that website. 

Within a week, we welcomed our new, shiny car. We wanted to keep it safe from the sun, so my husband decided to clean up the garage and make space for it.

In one corner of the garage, my husband spotted our old car covered in dust. It used to be driven by my father-in-law, but for the past 2 years, we hadn’t taken it out. We both do work from home, so there wasn’t much need to drive it. 

Problem:  How Did I find Solution – Scraply 

My husband tried starting it, but nothing happened when he turned the key. It was obvious our old car had sort of problems. We called a mechanic for help, and he gave us multiple reasons why it’s not working. Including – the undercarriage had rust, tires developed  and even the engine and transmission were stuck. Repairing all this would cost a lot.

Because we had just bought a new car and didn’t have a lot of money to spare, fixing up the old car seemed like a difficult idea. Plus, we didn’t have anyone to drive it. We also needed space to keep our new car in the garage. 

Then I remembered that website I had checked before. I tried looking for it again, but I wasn’t quite sure about the name. So, I typed in “cash for old cars” and a list of services popped up on the screen. To make things easy, I decided to randomly give five of them a call. Two of them had towing services, another one had limited coverage in a particular area, and yet another wanted extra fees for towing. Finally, I landed on Scraply – just the right fit for my car.


When it comes to the process, there aren’t any particular challenges that stand out. Interestingly enough, I came across Scraply quite unexpectedly, without even thinking about selling a car. Funny how things work out – it ended up influencing my decision to eventually sell one. 

However, there’s one challenge that comes – emotional attachment. You see, the car belonged to my father-in-law and held memories of his drives. So, when the time came to sell it, there was an emotion of sadness.

My Experience – Process

My experience with Scraply was unexpected! I called them directly, skipping the Quote form-filling step. I shared details about my 2008 Toyota Camry, its condition. In just a couple of minutes, they offered me a reasonable $1,900. I was happy with the deal, I confirmed the deal with them.

Within 2-3 hours, two friendly and professional people arrived. One checked my car’s details and prepared for towing, while the other handled quick paperwork and explained the simple legal steps to take after the old car removal such as transfer of ownership. Everything took only 30 minutes.

For the payment I chose PayPal, and received it instantly. They gave me a digital receipt and asked permission for towing. The team was super professional and speedy. Overall, a smooth and satisfying experience!


I’d definitely give scraply service a 10/10. I was surprised at how simple it made selling my car, no matter its condition. I’d suggest it to anyone trying to sell their car. Give scraply a go – they are available all over Australia and even offer free towing.

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